Help : Delete Task

This guide shows how to delete a task.

Long Press


To Delete a task: Tap and hold a finger on the task for 1 second.

This is sometimes called a 'long press'.

After 1 second a menu item will appear as shown in step 2 below.


Select 'Delete' from the menu item.


A warning message will be displayed asking you to confirm the delete.

Select 'Delete' to delete the task.

Deleting tasks in Phase and Calendar views works in the same way.

Long press on the task for 1 second in order to display the menu with the Delete option.

Swipe to Delete

Tasks can also be deleted using the "Swipe to Delete" gesture. This option is only available in the task view.

By default, the "Swipe to Delete" gesture is disabled. See the Steps below to enable "Swipe to Delete".

Enable Swipe to Delete

1. Tap the "Tools" button.

2. Select "Settings".

3. Enable the "Swipe to Delete" setting.

4. Select "Done" to finish.