Help : Using iCloud

This guide shows how to use iCloud to store project files.

With iCloud a project created and edited on one device is automatically synchronized with other devices.

1 Storage Option

The iCloud icon is displayed to indicate that project files are being stored on iCloud.

If the iCloud icon is not displayed, proceed to step 2.

Otherwise proceed to step 3.

2 Set Storage Option

Tap the Device icon to display the Storage Selection Menu.

Select "iCloud".

(Note: The Menu will not be displayed if you have not signed in to an iCloud account on your device.

To sign in to an iCloud account, open the Settings App, select iCloud and Enter your Apple ID and password.)

3 Add Project

Adding a project on iCloud is the same as adding a file on the device.

The difference is that a project stored on iCloud will be available to versions of Projects 2 running on other devices.

For more details about adding a project, see Adding a Project.


4 Synchronization

When a project is created on one device, it will automatically appear on other devices using the same iCloud Account.

Before the project file can be opened on a second device, it must first be downloaded to the second device.

The file outline is displayed (see Figure 4) to indicate that a project file exists on iCloud, but has not yet been downloaded to the device.

Tapping on the file icon will start the download Process. Once the file is downloaded, the icon will change to the solid colored icon.

Once a project file has been downloaded on two (or more) devices, changes made on one device will automatically synchronized with other devices by iCloud.

The sychronization takes place in the background.

Additional Help for iCloud

See iCloud Troubleshooting for common iCloud issues.