Analytics Pro 3

Save a filter from a report

When you drill down into a report, filters are automatically applied by Analytics Pro.
This tutorial shows how to save these filters for re-use with other reports.
See the tutorial 'Drill Down into a Report (Part 2)' for more details about drill down.

1Tap the name of the filter in the toolbar. In the Example above the filters 'Europe' and 'Germany' are present in the report.

2Select '+ Save Filter'.
This will save the filter for future use

3Steps 3-6 show how to view the saved filters. Tap the 'Filter' button to display the 'Filters' menu.

4Select '+ Add Filter'

5Select 'Saved Filters'

6The Saved filters are displayed. Saved Filters can be used with other reports and Dashboards. See the tutorial 'Add a filter to a report' for more details