Camera Settings

The Camera Settings screen provides settings to configure the camera for video.

Tap the Tools button to display the Camera Settings Menu.

Camera Settings

The settings are organised into four groups:
  • Camera Settings
  • Video Settings and Audio Settings
  • Tools and Display Settings
  • Presets
A toolbar at the top of the menu enables quick access to the four groups.
The Camera Settings section of the menu contains controls to configure the camera settings for recording video.
To display the Camera Settings, ensure the Tools button (first button on the left) is highlighted in the top toolbar.

The options displayed will vary depending upon the capabilities of the iOS device and selected camera. Therefore some of the options shown may not be available.
The standard camera settings are:

  • Exposure Mode
  • White Balance
  • Focus

Device specific settings include:
  • Video Stabilisation
  • HDR
  • Tone Mapping
  • (Lens) Distortion Correction