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Export Cinema P3 LUT

This guide shows how to export .cube LUT files from Cinema P3 Camera for use with popular video exiting software.

LUT Options

Cinema P3 Provides LUTs to convert video recorded in C-Log to the following color spaces:

  • A-Log to BT.709 transfer function (SDR)
  • B-Log to BT.709 transfer function (SDR)
  • C-Log to BT.709 color space with BT.709 transfer function (SDR)
  • C-Log to BT.2020 color space with BT.2100 PQ transfer function (HDR)
  • C-Log to BT.2010 color space with BT.2100 HLG transfer function (HDR)

How to Export .cube LUT

Tap the Settings Button to display the Settings menu.

Scroll to the Export Cinema P3 LUT option in the Tools section and tap on it to display to the Export Cinema P3 LUT menu.

The Export Cinema P3 LUT menu displays a list of LUTs that can be exported.
If the device supports 10-bit HLG 2020 video (such as iPhone 12), options for B-Log and C-Log will be displayed. Otherwise, only the A-Log option will be available.

A Cube size control in the top right of the toolbar allows either a 33 point or 65 point cube to be exported. The 65 point file will be larger and offer higher quality, but may not be compatible with all video editing software.

When you tap on one of the LUT options, a share sheet is displayed as shown in the screenshot below.

Select either the Mail or Save to Files option to export the LUT.

Cinema P3 will create a .cube file that can be used with video editing software such as Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve.