P3 Button

The P3 Button can be used to identify colors in the camera preview that are outside the Rec.709 color space, but within the P3 color space.

It can be used to identify which colors within a scene require P3 color in order to be captured accurately. It helps assess which colors would be lost if they were to be converted to fit within the Rec. 709 color space.

The P3 button is automatically displayed if the current video format uses the P3 color space.

P3 Color Analysis

Tap the P3 Button to perform the P3 color analysis.
The P3 Button changes it’s background color to yellow while performing the P3 analysis. A timer is started and automatically deactivates the analysis after 30 seconds. This helps preserve battery life.

The P3 analysis draws pixels contained within the Rec.709 color space in greyscale.
Colors which require the P3 color space are drawn unchanged, giving a clear visualisation of the P3 colors within the image.