Release Log

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.42

8 June 2023

  • Exposure Meter Performance Update.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.41

5 June 2023

  • Performance Update.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.40

30 May 2023

  • Added Setting to "Tag Photo Location" for photos.
  • Added Setting to "Tag Video Location" for video.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.39

27 May 2023

  • Update to presets.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.38

26 May 2023

  • Updated Exposure Modes and Exposure Meter to simplify UI.
    1) Exposure Mode Settings in “Camera Settings” menu:
    - Added “IP - ISO Priority” exposure Mode. This automatically adjusts ISO and Shutter Speed.
    - Exposure can be adjusted using “Max SA” and “Bias” controls
    - Added “SP - Shutter Priority” exposure Mode for manual Shutter Speed adjustment and Automatic ISO.
    - Exposure can be adjusted using “Manual SA” and “Bias” controls
    - Added Information Screen to provide information about the current Exposure Mode.
    - Accessed by tapping the blue text in “Camera Settings - Exposure Mode”

    2) Exposure Meter
    - The Exposure Meter is always displayed in ISO Priority and Shutter Priority modes.
    - Added buttons to make changing Exposure Mode easier when using the Exposure Meter.
    - Tap the exposure meter to reveal the buttons.

    3) Exposure Meter Settings
    - Moved settings from “Tools” menu to a dedicated Exposure Meter settings menu which is accessed from the “Camera Settings” menu, by selecting “Exposure Meter”.
    - Simplified the Exposure Meter Settings menu by removing some options.
    - The “Show Exposure Meter” setting now displays the Exposure Meter in all Exposure Modes.
    - Exposure Meter is always displayed in “ISO Priority” and “Shutter Priority” Exposure Modes.
    Added 'Minimum Shutter Angle' setting to 'Exposure Meter' settings menu.
    - This can be used to limit the minimum shutter angle in ISO Priority mode.
    - Updated presets to show Exposure mode information

  • Added support for 4032×3024 video resolution to Format Settings.
  • Added “Variable” aspect ratio option to 'Anamorphic Desqueeze' setting. - when selected, the Distortion Correction menu will display an extra control that allows a custom Anamorphic Desqueeze ratio to be set.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.37

3 May 2023

  • Added additional settings for the “Exposure Meter”
     - Added a “Shutter Angle Control” setting with two options:
     - “Auto” controls shutter angle automatically.
     - “Manual” for manual adjustment of shutter angle.
  • Added a “Maximum ISO” setting.
     - Can be used to limit the maximum ISO used by the automatic modes of the Exposure meter.
  • Added "Analysis Timer" setting to the "Analysis Mode Settings" menu.
     - This disables the timer, so that analysis does not turn off automatically after 30 seconds.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.36

2 May 2023

  • Presets - swapped position of "Export Presets" and "Import Presets" buttons.
  • Update to timecodes.
  • Video Metadata.
     - camera settings stored as video metadata.
     - added "Video Metadata" option to "Video Settings" menu for user custom metadata.
      - Updated Video Info panel to display video metadata.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.35

25 Apr 2023

  • Update to microphone gain control for external microphones.
  • Added “Import Presets” button to Presets menu.
  • UI Updates.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.34

21 Apr 2023

  • Update to support 10-bit 709 4:2:2 ProRes video on compatible iPad Pro models.
     - Added new Creative Presets for 10-bit 709 4:2:2 on iPad.
  • Update for Exposure Meter Center Weight drawing.
  • Update for Preset file Import.
  • Update for external microphone.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.33

14 Apr 2023

  • UI Updates
     - position of camera controls with UI hidden so that not obscured by camera
     - luminance scope localization
     - UI rotation

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.32

29 Mar 2023

  • Added Exposure Meter tool for Video.
     - Exposure Meter is available to when using “Manual” exposure mode and can be enabled from the “Camera Settings” and “Video Settings” menus.
       * When enabled, the “Exposure Meter” is displayed alongside the ISO and SS controls for Video in Manual Exposure Mode.
       * The yellow needle of the “Exposure Meter” indicates the level for middle grey.
       * The blue needle indicates the overall brightness of the scene.

     - Tap the “Exposure Meter” to reveal the four available metering modes: Manual, Spot, Center & Matrix

     - In “Manual” metering mode:
      - The exposure meter provides metering information only.
      - The ISO and SS controls are available to make manual exposure adjustments.

     - Spot Mode - evaluates exposure at a spot that can be manually positioned on the scene.
     - Center Mode - evaluates exposure for the whole image with extra weight in the centre of the scene.
     - Matrix Mode - evaluates exposure for the whole image evenly.

     - In “Spot”, “Center” and “Matrix” automatic metering modes:
       * The SS and ISO are adjusted automatically, with priority given to the shutter speed.
       * The manual ISO and SS controls are not available.

     - Added Exposure Meter Settings to the “Tools” Menu:
       * Adjustment Speed - How quickly automatic exposure adjusts to changes.
       * Max SA Control - This will display the Max SA Control to adjust the maximum Shutter Angle.
       * Bias Control - This will display the a bias control to adjust the exposure meter middle grey target.
       * Show Center Weight - This will display the position of the centre weight and allow its position to be adjusted manually.

     - Exposure Metering settings are stored in Presets
  • Added “Export Presets” option to allow presets to be exported to a file (with extension .cp3presets).
     - This allows presets to be exported for backup or sharing.
     - When the presets file is imported, there is an option to Import All or Import Selected Presets.
     - Presets that are not compatible with the device hardware cannot be imported.
  • Added setting "Sample Rate" to "Audio Settings" menu.
     - this allow selection of Preferred Sample Rate of: Auto, 44.1kHz, 48kHz.
     - the sample rate will be used if supported by the connected microphone.
  • Exposure Bias setting for “Center” and “Spot“ Exposure Modes is now stored in Presets.
  • Added 23.976, 29.97, 59.97 frame rate options.
  • Updated "HDMI Out" setting - when not enabled, connecting and HDMI display will just mirror device display.
     - Audio is routed to HDMI when Audio Monitoring enabled.
  • Update to “Match” Manual Camera Settings
  • UI Updates
     - Updated Manual SS slider, so less sensitive at low end for more precise manual adjustment.
     - Added safe area at top of screen, so selection of items in "Camera Setting HUD" does not affect focus point.
     - Added double tap to reset to default for :
      * Exposure Bias control
      * White Balance Tint Control
      * Lens Distortion Controls

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.31

6 Feb 2023

  • Added deceleration to White Balance and Exposure controls
  • Update to Time-Lapse

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.30

31 Jan 2023

  • Updated French localisation
  • Performance update

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.29

23 Jan 2023

  • Added "Focus Presets" setting to "Tools" menu.
    This enables a new “Focus Presets” control that is displayed alongside the Focus Control. It allows user to set 3 customisable preset focus positions (A, B & C) which can be used to provide smooth 'Focus Pull' transitions between preset focus positions.
  • Added "Focus Transition" setting to "Tools" menu to adjust the speed of the focus transition.
  • Added "Speed Presets" setting to "Tools" menu which provides 5 preset speed options.
  • Update to face detection auto focus.
  • Performance Updates.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.28

18 Jan 2023

  • Update to Full Screen Video Player.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.27

12 Jan 2023

  • Update to Time Code recording.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.26

10 Jan 2023

  • Update to store Time-Lapse Motion Blur setting in Presets.
  • Update to "Video Properties" menu.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.25

7 Jan 2023

  • Update to recording time indicator while Time-Lapse is being recorded.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.24

5 Jan 2023

  • Added Motion blur option for Time-Lapse settings.
     - This blends all frames captured during a time-lapse for smoother playback.
     - Available when the frame rate is 30 fps or less.
     - Available on devices which support HLG 2020 10-bit HDR.
  • Added “Reset Count” button that resets the custom Video Filename image count to 0000.
  • Added "Vertical Swipe" setting to "Display Settings" menu.
     - This changes what is hidden when using the vertical swipe gesture to show/hide the UI.
     - "Hide Buttons" - hides all buttons and UI, except the Camera Controls on the right of the screen.
     - "Hide Buttons & Controls" - hides all buttons, UI and Camera Controls.
  • Update to ensure camera mode button displays correct image.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.23

21 Dec 2022

  • Added "Time-Lapse Button" setting in the ‘Recording’ section of the "Display Settings" menu.
     - Once enabled, a Time-Lapse button will be displayed in the top right corner of the UI.
     - Tap the Time-Lapse button to display settings to configure and enable/disable Time-Lapse recording.
     - Time-Lapse video can be recorded with speed range from 2× to 30× (speed increase).
     - Time-Lapse settings can be stored in a Preset.
  • Added options to Share and Delete Videos stored in App's Media Viewer:
     - Videos stored in the the ‘Photos Library’ can be deleted and shared.
     - Added a "Delete" button the Video Info Inspector panel.
      This allows a video to be deleted whilst being viewed in the Video player.
  • Update to audio sync with video when recording while using Cinema and Cinema2 image stabilisation.
  • Update to ISO control to reduce number of scrolls required between extents.
  • Added new 1:1, 9:16, 2.35:1, 2.4:1 Aspect Ratio Guides
  • Added setting "App Start" settings to "Camera Settings".
     - Selecting the "Restore" option will restore manual WB, ISO and SS settings when app is restarted.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.22

10 Dec 2022

  • Added "Record Pause Button" to the "Display Settings Menu".
     - This will display a "Pause" button next to the recording ‘Stop’ button while recording video.
     - Tap the "Pause" button to pause/resume a video recording.
  • Added new LUTs to the "Export Cinema P3 LUT" menu.
     - Use ‘CinemaP3_C_Log_to_DaVinciWide’ to convert ‘C-Log’ video to DaVinciWide/Davinci Intermediate Color Space.
     - Use ‘CinemaP3_D_Log_to_DaVinciWide’ to convert ‘D-Log’ video to DaVinciWide/Davinci Intermediate Color Space.
  • Reticles
     - Added a setting "Reticle Size" to select large or small size for Focus and Exposure Reticles.
     - Added a setting "Hide Reticle Info" which removes Focus and Exposure mode indicators from the Reticles for a cleaner appearance.
  • Added the Zoom Lens to the camera selections on the "Photo/Video/Creative" selection menu.
     - This is identified as either "Back Triple Camera" or "Back Dual Camera" (dependent upon device capabilities)
  • Added a setting "White Balance Presets" to the "Tools" menu.
     - This will display White Balance Preset buttons when the Temperature and Tint controls are displayed.
  • Camera Quick Select
     - The camera options on the Camera Quick Select Control are now always displayed in the same order, to make them quicker and easier to select.
  • Added a setting "Scope Size" to adjust the size of Scopes.
  • Added options to Share and Delete Videos stored in CinemaP3/Documents/ from App's Media Viewer.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.21

14 Nov 2022

  • Update to saving/restoring of 10-bit 709 presets.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.20

12 Nov 2022

  • Media Viewer Updates
     - It is now possible to swipe left/right on the video player to change to the next/previous video in the Media Browser.
     - Added 0.4x playback speed option for Adjusting Playback speed (requires iOS 16).
      - the 0.4x option allows 60fps video to be played back at 24 fps.
  • Added more ProRes Video Codecs in "Video Settings" menu*
     - They are: ProRes 420 Proxy, ProRes 420 LT, ProRes 420, ProRes 420 HQ.
     - These are 4:2:0 chroma subsampling video formats and allow recording of ProRes with 4K at up to 60fps.
     - The settings menu UI has been updated to differentiate 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 codecs
      - ProRes 4:2:2 codecs are grouped in a section labelled "High Quality"
      - ProRes 4:2:0 codecs are grouped in a section labelled "Standard Quality"
  • Custom filename prefixes for video
     - Added new "Video Filename" setting to "Video Settings" menu.
     - It allows the use of either a "Default" filename or "Custom" filename prefix for video files.
     - For files saved to Camera Roll, a 3 character prefix can be added.
     - For files saved to CinemaP3/Documents/, a 12 character prefix can be added.
  • Added new "Distortion Correction" setting "Tools" menu for use with Spherical Lenses.
     - When the setting is enabled, a "Distortion Correction" button is displayed in the lower right corner of the display.
     - It can be used to correct barrel and pincushion distortion.
     - It similar to the "Distortion Correction" option that is already available for Anamorphic lenses,
    but corrects distortion by the same amount in x and y-axis.
     - Available for Video and Creative Modes.
     - The "Distortion Correction" setting is saved/restored with Presets.
  • UI Updates

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.19

7 Nov 2022

  • Updated Spanish Localisation
  • Zoom Preset buttons are now displayed with the Zoom control for all cameras.
     - The number of Zoom presets displayed is determined by the "Software Zoom" setting from the "Tools" menu.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.18

3 Nov 2022

  • Performance Update.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.17

2 Nov 2022

  • Added "Lens 180º DOF Adapter" setting to "Tools" menu.
     - This will ensure video is displayed with the correct orientation when external lens adapters that rotate the video 180º are used.
  • Added New "Zoom" lens camera option for Video and Creative modes.
     - the "Zoom" lens option is available in the "Camera Quick Select" menu for devices with Dual/Triple Camera.
     - the "Zoom" camera allows zooming from wide to tele lenses with automatic transition between cameras while recording video.
     - the "Zoom" lens does not support manual white balance, manual exposure control or manual focus.
     - additional "zoom preset" buttons are displayed alongside the zoom adjustment control for easy transition between cameras.
  • Moved "Audio Settings" to a separate Tab for easier access.
     - Updated Audio Settings menu for better clarity of options
     - Updated support for AirPods.
     - Added option to select from available Audio Inputs
  • Added "HDMI Out" setting to "Display Settings" menu
     - when enabled, camera video will be sent to via an HDMI adapter (if attached) for monitoring on an external HDMI Display.
  • Added Spanish localization.
  • Updated UI drawing for:
     - Guides
     - Record red border
     - 10-bit 709 information

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.16

22 Oct 2022

  • Update for external Microphone connections.
     - Added visual indication of gain to "Microphone Gain Control" button.
  • Aspect Ratio Guides
     - added 1.66:1 option
     - added 2:1 option
     - users should check their preferred "aspect ratio guide" option is still selected after installing the update.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.15

11 Oct 2022

  • Moved "Rotation Lock" setting to top of "Display Settings" menu.
  • Updated "Camera Quick Select" style titles in Tools menu.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.14

9 Oct 2022

  • Added "Rotation Lock" setting to "Display Settings" menu.
     - rotation can be locked to Auto Rotate, Landscape, or Portrait
  • Added setting "Screen Refresh Rate" to "Display Settings" menu.
     - This maximum (default) setting uses the maximum refresh rate for smoother video display when capturing video.
     - The minimum setting reduces the refresh rate to reduce battery usage.
  • Added new style for "Camera Quick Select" control - 35mm equivalent focal length
  • UI Performance Update

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.12

1 Oct 2022

  • UI Performance Update

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.11

27 Sep 2022

  • UI Performance Update

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.10

26 Sep 2022

  • Settings Updates
     - Moved the "Preserve Camera Settings" and "Manual Camera Settings" to the "Camera Settings" tab.
     - "Preserve Camera Settings" now preserves ISO/SS when changing camera modes.
     - Added a grey color grid line option to "Guides"
  • Presets Updates
     - Presets with Manual Exposure now store ISO and SS.
     - Added an option "Apply Manual Exposure" to the preset inspector.
     - This allows you to choose whether to apply the manual ISO and SS when the preset is selected.
     - Presets created in Cinema P3 Pro Camera version 1.3.9 will not display this option, since they did not store ISO or SS
  • Added "Lock white balance on record" setting to "Camera Settings" menu.
     - When video recording starts in AWBc (continuous Automatic White Balance), the white balance will be locked while recording, and return to AWBc mode when recording ends.
  • Other Updates
     - Added skin line on full screen vectorscope
     - Video files now have filenames prefixed CP_ when stored in Photos Library.
     - Some UI updates

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.9

16 Sep 2022

  • Updated Presets for Video, and Creative Video Modes.
     - Presets can be used to store the current video settings, and can be recalled with a single tap.
     - Presets can be deleted
     - The list of Presets can be re-ordered using a drag action
  • Added Presets for Photo
     - Presets can be used to store the current photo settings, and can be recalled with a single tap.
     - Presets can be deleted.
     - The list of Presets can be re-ordered using a drag action.
  • Added new setting "Preserve Camera Settings" to the "Tools" menu to store and preserve unique camera settings for each camera mode.
     - these settings are restored when changing camera modes Photo, Video and Creative.
  • The default for Time Code tracks has beed changed to 32-bit.
  • "WB Lock" is displayed in the HUD when the white balance is locked instead of "WB".

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.8

2 Sep 2022

  • Added sound FX for start stop recording
     - added setting "Sound FX" to Display Settings to enable/disable Sound FX.
  • Added setting "Size" to adjust size of tilt sensor - Small / Large.
  • Added setting "Size" to adjust size adjust size of Focus Loupe - Small / Large.
  • Improved draggability of focus point and exposure point and added animation.
  • UI Updates
     - Focus peaking turned off more quickly after adjusting manual focus.
     - Added setting "Focus Reticle" to "Tools" settings. This changes the line thickness for focus reticule for user preference.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.7

23 Aug 2022

  • Added D-Log - a new Log profile for HLG 2020
     - retains the highlight detail of HLG but offers a more balanced storage of data/stop compared to HLG.
     - stores more highlight and mid-tone data compare to C-Log.
     - stores less shadow data compare to C-Log but 50% more shadow data compared to HLG.
     - added new LUTs to the LUT export menu to convert D-Log to 709, HLG & PQ color spaces.
  • improved the color accuracy for C-Log LUT.
     - it is recommended users export new versions of the C-Log to PQ LUTs from the Export LUT menu.
  • "B-Log" for 10-bit 709 has been updated to version 2.
     - this updated version increases the amount of data stored in highlights compared to previous version.
     - it is recommended users export the updated LUT "CinemaP3_B_Log_to_709_33_v2" to convert the updated B-Log to 709 color space.
  • Anamorphic Desqueeze and Distortion Correction is now available in Photo Mode.
     - JPEG photos will be saved with the anamorphic aspect ratio and distortion correction applied to the image file.
     - HEIC, RAW and ProRAW will preview the desqueeze and distortion correction, but will not save to the image file.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.6

13 Aug 2022

  • update App Icon
  • update for distortion correction
  • update for microphone connection

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.5

4 Aug 2022

  • Added distortion correction for Anamorphic lenses.
     - This allows you to remove the barrel distortion common to Anamorphic lenses
     - A "Distortion Correction" setting has been added to the "Tools" menu, and is displayed when "Anamorphic Desqueeze" is enabled.
     - When enabled, a "Distortion Correction" button is added in the lower right corner of the screen.
     - Use this button to display the distortion correction controls and correct lens distortion.
     - Distortion correction is available in Video and Creative Video modes.
  • Added a Tilt Sensor to make it easy to correct the tilt of the camera.
     - When there is no tilt, the indicator color changes to green.
      - Enable the Tilt Sensor from the "Tools" menu.
      - Pro Tip: When used in conjunction with ‘Anamorphic Desqueeze’, the tilt sensor can help to adjust the vertical alignment of an anamorphic lens by indicating when your device is held in a perfect horizontal orientation.
  • Updated the Camera Settings menu to make the controls easier to read.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.4

9 June 2022

  • Added 2.39:1 Aspect Ratio option to JPEG photo settings
  • P3 Analysis Button
     - P3 Analysis button has been moved, and is now available from the "Analysis Mode" menu.
     - (This eliminates the need for utility button setting which as been removed)
  • Fixed an issue with Bracketed Photos capture, when Red Eye Reduction setting is enabled.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.3

13 May 2022


  • Added a new setting "Video Storage Location" to choose the storage location for video.
     - the default storage location is the Photos Library.
     - the new option is the Cinema P3 Documents directory.
  • When the Cinema P3 Documents directory is used, an additional "Video" option is displayed in the Media Menu to display video media stored in the Cinema P3 Documents directory.
  • Video stored in the Cinema P3 Documents directory have filenames incorporating a date-numeric pattern for easier file identification.
  • A new media browser for video in the Cinema P3 Documents directory has two viewing modes: thumbnail and list mode.


  • Added a setting "Manual Camera Settings" in the "Tools" settings to control how manual settings for white balance, ISO and shutter speed are adjusted after changing cameras.
  • There are 3 options: Auto, Match and Unique
     - Auto - WB, ISO, SS are set automatically after changing camera.
     - Match - WB, ISO, SS are matched as closely as possible to the previous camera.
     - Unique - Unique WB, ISO, SS are stored for each camera, allowing more accurate restoration of manual settings when changing cameras.


  • Added a setting "Utility Button" in the "Tools" settings.
     - This allows the selection of the type of utility button displayed in the lower right screen position.
     - The default utility button is "Play", which replaces the "P3" button which was the default in previous app versions.
  • Choose the "Play" button to display recently recorded media (photo and video).
     - in photo mode, it displays recently captured photos.
     - in video/creative mode, it displays the most recently captured video.
  • Choose the "P3" to display the P3 button, which performs P3 color gamut analysis.


  • Updated luminance scale for HLG & Log scopes to use Display Referred Luminance Values.


  • Added setting to set Aspect Ratio for JPEG Photo capture:
     - 4:3, 3:2, 5:4, 7:5, 1:1, 16:9
     - Live Photo is not available when custom photo aspect ratio is set.
  • Automatic Focus Point
     The location of the automatic focus point can now be set with a single tap, instead of the long press used in previous app versions.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.2

3 March 2022


  • Manual Exposure Controls for Photos
     - Added "Discrete" Manual Exposure Controls for ISO and Shutter Speed (SS).
    This allows the selection of preset values for ISO and SS.
     - Alternatively, the previous "Continuous" style controls for ISO and SS can be used.
    Select the type of "Manual Exposure Controls" has been in "Photo Settings".


  • Added "Photo Bracket" setting to the "Photo Settings" menu for RAW photos.
     - Allows the capture of a bracket of 3 photos.
     - Set the bracket amount from -2EV to +2EV in 1/3 stop increments.
     - When in "Manual Exposure" mode is selected, the "Bracket Type" can be set to either ISO or SS.
     This allows the bracket to fix ISO and change SS, or allows the bracket to fix SS and change ISO
     - When Photo Bracket is enabled, the "Photo" button displays the bracket icon to indicate that Photo bracket is enabled.
  • "ProRAW" photos can now be captured without an additional processed format image.
     - Select the "None" option for the photo processed format.
  • Added "JPEG Compression" setting to the "Photo Settings" menu for JPEG photos.
     - Select the amount of compression for JPEG images to 60%, 80% or 100%


  • Updated Photo Browser
     - Image file type (HPG/HEIC/RAW) is indicated
     - when multiple images are stored, the selection control allows the image to be selected
     - added "Default/Linear" option for the display of RAW images.
     - "Default" displays the RAW image with default image processing.
     - "Linear" displays the RAW image with linear image processing.
     - Added Exit button to close the Photo Browser as alternative to vertical swipe gesture
     - Updated Photo Browser Information Panel
     - Updated display position for improved image viewing while info panel is displayed
     - Added "Graph" page with RGB Histogram and Vectorscope


  • Added a Luma Histogram to Scopes

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3.1

23 December 2021

  • Updated presets available when using ProRes.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.3

14 December 2021

  • Added ProRes Video Recording*
     - ProRes 422 Proxy
     - ProRes 422 LT
     - ProRes 422
     - ProRes 422 HD
     *Pro Res Recording is only available on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • Quality and Performance
     - Improved image quality and display performance for HDR video (preview and recorded video).
     - Improved image quality and display performance for Mini scopes:
     - RGB Parade
     - RGB Overlay
     - RGB Histograms
  • Full Screen Analysis Modes
     - Added "Zebra" analysis for video.
     - Zebra settings for video can be found in "Analysis Mode Settings".
     - choose zebra color and level for "Highlights".
     - Added "RGB Parade" analysis.
     - Added "RGB Overlay" analysis.
     - Enabled more analysis modes for older devices.
     - Improved image quality for full screen scopes.
  • Auto Analysis
     - Added addition settings for Auto Analysis Mode:
     - Choose which type of Analysis is automatically displayed while White Balance is adjusted.
     - Choose which type of Analysis is automatically displayed while Exposure Bias/Shutter Speed are adjusted.
  • Creative Mode
     - Improved image quality for Creative Mode presets.
     - Added some new presets.
  • Settings Updates
     - added "Display Brightness" setting.
     - added "Status Indicator" setting to choose preferred Battery/Disk Space indicator.
     - added "Record Red Border" setting.
     - removed HDR Display Tone Map/Clip setting.
     - added "Style" setting for ‘Camera Quick Select’ control.
     - This adds a ‘Field of View’ icon as an alternative indicator for the selected camera.
     - "HDR" camera setting has been renamed "EDR" for Extended Dynamic Range.
  • Media Library
     - Added more color space indicators for Video Previews in Media Library (Dolby Vision, 709, HLG P3, HLG 2020).
     - Added Dolby Vision to video inspector when file contains Dolby Vision metadata.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.2.2

30 June 2021

  • "HDR Display" setting is now applied to P3 HLG in addition to 2020 HLG video format for images displayed in the video camera viewfinder.
  • Added "P3 HDR Display" setting to video player settings menu.
     - Options "Mode 1" and "Mode 2" can be used to reduce playback brightness for P3 HLG content.
     - Option "Off" disables brightness adjustment when playing P3 HLG content.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.2.1

17 June 2021

  • Updated the 8-bit P3 HLG video recording for HDR video. The default P3 HLG mode will capture increased shadow detail compared to standard P3 video.
  • Updated the 8-bit P3 HLG Creative Presets. Added "Grade 1", "Cinema A" and "Cinema B" creative presets.
  • The Creative Presets button now displays the name of the selected creative preset.
  • Added "Key Frame Interval" setting to the Custom Settings menu for Video Properties. This allows automatic or manual setting of key frame interval in frames to adjust video quality.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.2

20 April 2021

  • Added 10-bit BT.709 (Standard Color SDR) recording option. *
  •  - Added "Grade 1" Creative Preset for improved color accuracy with 10-bit 709 video.
  • Added Log recording options (available in Creative Mode).
  •  - log recording stores more more shadow detail compared to conventional video.
     - Added A-Log recording for 8-bit 709 video (standard color)
     - Added A-Log recording for 8-bit P3 video (wide color)
     - Added B-Log recording for 10-bit 709 video (standard color) *
     - Added C-Log recording for 10-bit 2020 video (HDR Wide color) *
     - C-Log captures more than 200% more shadow detail compared to HLG.
  • Added "Export Cinema P3 LUT" setting to Settings Menu.
  •  - export LUT files to convert Log video for use in video editing applications
     - export 33 point .cube or 65 point .cube file
     - A-Log .cube for 8-bit SDR 709/P3 video
     - B-Log .cube for 10-bit SDR 709 video *
     - C-Log .cube for 10-bit HDR 2020 video to 709 conversion *
     - C-Log .cube for 10-bit HDR 2020 video to 2020 HLG conversion *
     - C-Log .cube for 10-bit HDR 2020 video to 2020 PQ conversion *
  • Added Photo Information to Photo Viewer.
  •  - General File Information
     - EXIF Information
     - TIFF File Information
  • Added "Advanced Settings" section to Display Settings Menu.
  •  - Settings Analysis Mode allows you to choose the scale type for the full screen Luminance Scope.
     - SDR luminance scale - Percent or Nits
     - HDR luminance scale - Percent or Nits*
  • Improved compatibility for external microphones when using LMPC audio setting.
  • Performance and UI updates
  •  - calibration of scopes and image analysis tools updated and improved.

* iPhone 12 family device required.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.1.1

20 January 2021

  • Added ProRAW Photo Capture (for iPhone 12 family devices)
  • Added "Video Properties" setting (Standard or Custom)
     - Custom Video settings allow custom Bit Rate for video recording
     - Custom pixel aspect ratio
  • Added "Audio Format" setting.
     - choose AAC or LPCM audio recording format for video.
  • Updated Video Player
     - Added Video Inspector for detailed video track information.
     - Added Player menu to adjust playback settings (playback aspect ratio, loop)
  • Anamorphic
     - Added support for 1.55x lenses
     - Anamorphic pixel aspect ratio is saved with video by default.
     - Alternatively, Square 1:1 pixel aspect ratio can be used.
  • Other Improvements
     - numerous performance and UI improvements.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.1

17 December 2020

  • Added 10-bit HLG 2020 Presets to presets menu*.
  • Added 4K Wide 2.39:1 recording*.
  • Added new frame rate options to the Video Format Quick Select menu.
  • Added BT.2020 ColorSpace to XY Scope on devices capable of recording HLG 2020 video*.
  • Color Analysis Scope Scale updated and calibrated for HLG 2020 color space*.
  • Added 3 New Full Screen Analysis Modes: Luminosity, Vectorscope and XY scope*.
  • Enabled HLG 2020 recording in Creative Mode, with new presets designed for HDR video recording.
  • Updated Settings Menu for improved clarity.
  • Moved some settings to a new 'Display Settings' Section.
  • Added HDR Display Setting for HLG 2020 recording - Select Tone Map or Clip.
  • Updated Zebras for Photo mode.
  • Added Zebra Shadow option*.
  • Added Microphone Selection Settings: Auto, Front, Back, Bottom*.
  • Added Microphone Gain Control for supported microphones.
  • Added Stereo Recording in iOS 14 for compatible devices*.
  • The Focus Loupe is now displayed automatically when the manual focus control is selected.

* feature availability depends upon device capabilities.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.0.7

4 December 2020

  • Added front camera to quick camera selection control.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.0.6

30 October 2020

  • Added support for 10-bit HLG 2020 HDR video recording on iPhone 12 models.
  • Added Time Code recording with video with support for 64-bit and 32-bit Time Codes.
  • Updated Settings UI.
  • Added Self Timer for Photo Capture.
  • Selecting items in the camera setting HUD will display Settings menu.
  • Added "Camera Quick Select" control to quickly change cameras.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.0.5

20 October 2020

  • Updated presets menu.
  • Updated face detection.
  • Updated manual controls UI.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.0.4

4 October 2020

  • Added quick access menu for changing color analysis mode. Long press on the color analysis button to display the menu.
  • Simplified the selection of creative "Looks" in Creative Mode. Looks from the same family are now represented by a single icon, and a new control allows adjustment of color saturation.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.0.3

2 October 2020

  • Added new quick access menu for quick change of Video Format.
     - select HD / 4K video
     - select 24, 25, 30 frames per second
     - select 709 for standard video color
     - select P3 for wide color
     - select HLG for HDR wide color
  • Added new Color analysis scale for HLG video, to enable accurate image exposure for HLG video.
  • Added zebra level setting - 100%, 95%, 90%
  • Performance Improvements
  • UI Updates

Cinema P3 Camera v1.0.2

22 September 2020

  • Added scale to luminance scopes.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.0.1

18 September 2020

  • Added warning when device is low on disk space.

Cinema P3 Camera v1.0

27 August 2020

  • First Release