Analytics Pro Update

Important update information for all users of Analytics Pro
and Analytics Pro 2.


Analytics Pro and Analytics Pro 2 have been updated to use Google Sign-In.

Google Sign-In is a secure authentication system that enables users to sign in using their Google account and access their Google Analytics data.

All users of Analytics Pro will have to update to the latest version in order to continue using the product.

The update is free for all users. After installing the update you will be required to sign in using Google Sign-In.

Latest Versions

The latest versions available from the App Store are:

      Analytics Pro, version 1.6

      Analytics Pro 2, version 2.3

Visit the 'Updates' section of App Store App and tap the 'Update' button next to Analytics Pro.

Why was this necessary ?

On 20 April 2017, Google will end support for the OAuth mechanism used by previous versions of Analytics Pro.

Google sign-in enables greater security and usability for users.

Google recommend the Google Sign-In SDK for iOS for sign-in with Google Accounts.

More Information about Google Sign-In
can be found here.