Analytics Pro 3 Release Log

8 October 2023

AnalyticsPro v3.3.1

  • Update to return up to 200 account properties.

18 May 2023

AnalyticsPro v3.3

  • Added support for Google Analytics GA4 Reports (requires iOS 13 and later).
  • Update to Google Sign-In

18 September 2020

AnalyticsPro v3.2

  • Update for iOS 13
  • Support for Dark Mode
  • Update to Google Sign-In

24 September 2019

AnalyticsPro v3.1.9

  • UI Updated
  • Updated Google Sign-In
  • Added Setting to enable "Drag and Drop Graphs"

20 Jun 2018

AnalyticsPro v3.1.8

  • UI Update to Dashboard

10 May 2018

AnalyticsPro v3.1.7

  • Added menu option to enable/disable automatic hiding of navigation bar for the dashboard on iPhone. (This option was enabled by default on previous versions)
  • Fixed a bug in the Visitor Loyalty Report.
  • UI Updates for improved performance.
  • Updated UI that displays information about Subscriptions.

23 March 2018

AnalyticsPro v3.1.6

  • UI Update

14 March 2018

AnalyticsPro v3.1.5

  • Added a search function to the "Select View" screen to help manage large number of web properties/views.
  • Added Report/Dashboard cell that allows reports to be added to the dashboard directly from within a dashboard.
  • Added new Heat Map cell style to dashboard.
  • Added a recent views menu to the dashboard settings menu to allow quick selection of recent views.
  • iCloud improvements
  • Added ability to backup Analytics Pro User Settings to a file and select the file used to store User Settings.
  • - export user settings file by email.
  • - import user settings file from email.
  • - choose where to store imported file - device or iCloud
  • Updated to the latest version of Google Sign-In.

25 November 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.1.4

  • Updated Dashboard Settings Menu to add new features.
  • Added a new setting to the Dashboard Settings to enable/disable Paging to change between recent views.
  • The paging functionality was enabled by default, but now you can choose whether to enable it.
  • Improved display of metrics when interacting with stacked bar graphs.
  • Fixed a bug in the drill down of reports that use stacked bar graphs.

7 November 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.1.3

  • UI Update, including improvements to display of currency information.

12 October 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.1.2

  • Added tutorials. These are accessible from the Information menu.
  • Improved Scrolling performance for Dashboard.
  • Drag and drop graphs from reports to other Applications on iPad using iOS 11.0 and later.

22 September 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.1.1

  • Added a setting on the Dashboard to enable "Scrolling Cells". Once enabled, cells can be scrolled left/right to view data for additional metrics.
  • When you swipe left/right on the Dashboard to change the view, the name of the view will appear momentarily.
  • You can change view by swiping left/right on the date toolbar.
  • On iPhone the navigation bar will hide when you scroll the Dashboard, increasing the screen area to display the dashboard.
  • Updated App Icon

8 August 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.1

  • Dashboards can now swipe left/right to change between views.
  • Added a setting that let's you choose how many previous views to remember.
  • Added a new World View cell style to the Dashboard
  • Added Continent to the list of default filter types
  • Dashboard cells which display metric increase/decrease compared to a previous date range now display the comparison date range.
  • Added pull to refresh control on Dashboard - iOS 10 and later
  • Added 'Previous Year' comparison option on the Dashboard Cells

19 July 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.0.7

  • Added 2 New Dashboard Cell Styles.
  • Use the 'Change Style' option in the Dashboard Action menu to change the style.

14 July 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.0.6

  • Added 'Change Style' option to Dashboard Action menu to allow the cell style to be changed.
  • Updated the display of stacked bar graphs.

8 July 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.0.5

  • Update to report menu section control to scroll to Dashboard.
  • Updated to display of titles in Dashboard PDF reports.

16 June 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.0.4

  • Updated dashboard cell editor to make it easier to change date range comparison type for line graphs
  • Reduced font size for custom filters so that long text is visible
  • Updated stacked bar graph inspection text to ensure long text is visible

8 Jun 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.0.3

  • Added 'Sampling Level' to Settings
  • Updated interactive graphs for Bar Graph and Stacked Bar Graph
  • Dashboard performance improvements

19 May 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.0.2

  • Added a sample Dashboard to try without subscription
  • Added a link to the Analytics Pro 3 website
  • Moved the subscription information screen to be more easily accessible

16 May 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.0.1

  • Update display of percentage change on Dashboard

11 May 2017

AnalyticsPro v3.0

  • First Release