Why use Calie?

Calie has many benefits compared the default iPhone and iPad calendar.
Here are some reasons why you will prefer using Calie.


Swipe Navigation

Calie uses swipe gestures to make navigation quick and easy.

Swipe from the middle of the screen to change the date.

Swipe from the left edge to navigate back to the month or year views.

Very useful when you want to change the view to a specific date.


Adding an event should be easy.
With Calie it is.

Long press where you want to add an event. Then enter text, assign a calendar and set the time zone - all from the same view.

Adjust the start and end time by dragging the top and bottom edge. Move the event by dragging the middle.

Time Zone

Managing international events is easy.

With time zone support it is easy to associate an event with a time zone and see the time at which an event occurs.

Now you can easily schedule a meeting at a time you understand and see what time it will be for your international attendees.

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Powerful. Not complicated

All screens in Calie are designed for maximum clarity, simplicity and functionality.

For instance, the year view on iPad shows which dates are busy.

Tapping a date displays an event inspector which lists all events occurring in the selected month.

Selecting an event from the inspector displays the event Editor allowing you to make changes.


Keyword searching for events is fast and intuitive.

Search results are updated in real time and displayed on a calendar so that you can easily see when events occur.

Swiping left/right on the calendars allow you to change the search date range.

Calendar Filtering

Calie allows you to easily select individual calendars to see when events occur.

This is particularly useful when you have many busy calendars and need to see when you are busy.

When viewing a single calendar Calie will automatically use the selected calendar when adding events.

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The day view has 3 display modes.

The default mode shows events on the timeline and allows event duration and overlap to be easily identified.

When you have many events, a simple list view shows the events in a compact form.

The expanded view shows more event details and notes in an easy to read form.

Customize with Settings

Settings allow you to customize how your calendars are displayed.

Make adjustments to suit your personal preferences.

Increase the height of cells if you have a lot of events and need to see more at a time.

Dynamic Type

Calie supports Dynamic Type which means that you can adjust the text size.

Use a small text size to fit more text on the screen, or a large text size for easier legibility.

The Dynamic Type Text Size settings are accessed from the Settings app.

5 or 7 day week

The week view can show 5 or 7 days. Use the 5 day view to hide the weekend and allow you to concentrate on your working week.

Change Week Start

Set the week start day used by calendars in Year, Month and Week Views.

Working Time

The day and week views show the working time as a contrasting background color.

Adjust the start and end time in Settings.