Frequently Asked Questions


Will Calie work with my device?

Calie is a universal App designed and works with iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 7.0 or higher.

Calie can be used on iPad 2G, iPad with Retina display, iPad Mini and iPad Air.


Is iOS 8 supported?

Calie supports iOS 8 and the larger screens of iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus.


What is your Privacy Policy?

You can access the Calie Privacy Policy here.


How do I enable access to Calendars?

The message "Calie does not have access to Calendars" will be displayed if you have not granted Calie access to your calendars.
See: How to enable Calendar Access.


How do I change the text size?

Calie uses iOS dynamic type to select the text size. You can change the text size using the Settings App.

You will find the text size settings in the General -> Text Size section.


I don't see the event I just added.

If you add a new event but do not see it, you may think that it has not worked.

The following list possible causes and solutions to help you view the event.

1) The event was added to a date that is not visible in the current view.

Try changing the date of the view to the same date of the event.

2) The event was added to a calendar that is not visible.

Calie allows you to select which calendars are visible. This is useful when you have multiple calendars but only wish to view a selection of them at a time.

If you add an event to a calendar which is not visible, Calie will enable the calendar after the event is added so that the event is visible.

On the iPhone you can also select a single calendar and only view the events in the selected calendar. If you add an event to another calendar while viewing a single calendar, it will not be displayed.

To see the event, navigate back to the calendar list and select the "All Calendars" in the first row. (Navigate back by pressing the back arrow top left in the navigation bar or swipe to the right from the left edge of the screen.)

3) Use search to find an event.

Use search to find an event in your calendars. Press the search button which looks like a small magnifying glass. Search enables you to use find events by keyword in all calendars (visible and hidden).