Say Hello to Calie - a superb calendar for iPhone and iPad.

Calie makes managing a busy schedule easier and more pleasurable than ever before.

Calie supports the same calendar services as the built-in Calendar app, including iCloud and CalDav.

Your calendars appear in Calie when it is first launched.

Dynamic Type

Dynamic Type support displays text using your preferred text size.

Continuous scrolling

Scroll smoothly through years, weeks, months and days with a swipe of your finger.

Universal App

Calie is a universal app which works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Portrait and landscape orientations are fully supported.

Plan your Year

See what's happening with the year view.

Dates with events are colored so you can see at a glance when you are busy.

View all calendars at once or filter to show just one calendar at a time.

Quick and Easy

Adding events is a breeze. Just tap and hold where you want to add the event.

An event editor appears and you can enter the event description, select the calendar and time zone.

Move and update an event by dragging it in the timeline.


Find events and notes easily with Keyword Search.

Search results are listed and displayed on a month calendar so you easily find the right event.

Swipe left and right on the calendar to change the search time period.

3 Day Views

The Timeline view shows events on a 24 hour timeline and allows you to easily see event duration and overlap.

The Summary view gives an at a glance summary of a days events.

The Detailed view provides detailed event information including long text titles and notes, start/end times and locations.

Time Zone

Time Zone support makes scheduling international meetings a breeze.

When enabled, an event will display it's time, date and time zone if different to the current system time zone.

So you can easily see that your 8:00am conference call from the UK will occur at 4:00pm in Japan.

Event Inspector

A detailed event inspector can be used to modify additional event properties, such as repeat rules, invitees, notes, location etc.

Change day by swiping left or right. Navigate to a specific date quickly by selecting a date from the month calendars on the right.

5 or 7 Day View

View a full 7 day week in a single view, or view 5 days to focus on work activity.

Events with attendees, alarms and recurrence rules are easily identified with icons.

Change week by swiping left or right.

Add/Edit Events

Add an event using a tap and hold gesture where you want the event to start.

Tap an event to edit it.

You can easily select overlapping events using the event inspector.


Set the week start day in settings.

Change row height to adjust how many hours are visible.

Set the working time start and end.


Month view shows daily events on the month calendar.

The current day is clearly highlighted so is easy to spot.

3 Display Modes

Customise how events are displayed with gantt and list views.

Change row height in settings to view more events.

Inspect and Edit

On the iPad, the date inspector allows you to easily add, edit and delete events from the month view.

12 months

The year view shows 12 months at a time.

Scroll vertically to view next and previous years.

Selecting a date will show the events for the selected date in a popover.


Select which calendars are displayed using the calendar picker.

On the iPhone you can easily view a single calendar which is great for planning work events or managing your personal calendar.


Customize Day, Week, Month and Year Views to suit your personal preference.