Cinema P3 Camera has 4 Focus Modes:

  • Continuous Automatic Focus
  • Auto Focus
  • Face Detection
  • Manual Focus
These are available for both Photo and Video capture.

Focus Target

The Focus Target shows the location of the point the camera uses to perform automatic focus.
The current Focus Mode is displayed in the Camera Settings HUD and on the Focus Target.

Setting Focus Mode

Tap the Tools button to display the Camera Settings Menu.
The Camera Settings Menu will have the title ‘Camera Settings’. If this title is not displayed, tap the first button on the top toolbar to display Camera Settings.

The current Focus mode is indicated by the highlighted option in the Focus section.
Select an option to set the Focus Mode.
Tap Done to save the changes.

AFC - Continuous Automatic Focus

In AFC mode, focus is automatically adjusted to focus on the subject located at the Focus Target.
The position of the Focus Target can be moved by dragging it to a new position.
Alternatively tap somewhere of the camera preview for 1 second, and the Focus Target position will be set.

Tapping on the Focus Target will lock focus and prevent it from updating.
When locked, the Focus Target will turn yellow and display a lock.
Tap the Focus Target to toggle locked/automatic modes.

AF - Automatic Focus

In Automatic Focus Mode, automatic focus is set at the Focus Target, and then locked to prevent further changes as soon as focus has been established.

Tap somewhere of the scene for 1 second, or drag the Focus Target to set a new focus point. Focus will be set automatically at the new position and then lock.

Face Detection

In Face Detection Focus Mode, faces are detected in the scene and focus is set automatically for a detected face.
When a face is detected, a yellow box is displayed over the detected face.

Manual Focus

In Manual Focus Mode, focus can be adjusted manually using a Manual Focus Control.
Tap on the Focus button to display the Focus Control.
Drag the control vertically to adjust focus.
In Manual Focus mode, the focus is locked preventing automatic updates.
When locked, the HUD will display FL to indicate that focus is locked.
To resume Automatic Focus, tap on the camera preview to set the Focus Target.