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From iTunes United States

The Best Video App on iOS

This app ticks all the major boxes for me. Frame Rate, Shutter/ISO and Colour Control, with False Colour to control my exposure. The UI is straightforward and there’s just so many small things that it helps out with, that you can have scoped overlays automatically turn just when adjusting certain settings (eg. False colour on exposure controls) or how it records the zoom angle in your video metadata so when you’re matching to 3D footage it’s much easier.

I’ve used many of its competitors, including Filmic which was my go-to, even with some woeful UI issues, until it screwed up my entire phone. I lost so much time and shots because of Filmic. Yet CinemaP3 just works, you can rely on it.

Also the developer is constantly making this better daily, I’m eager to see where this app goes.

Casperankinen - Nov 13, 2022

The Best Cinema Camera App

This is the one you’re looking for. It has an extensive feature set with the ability to save settings as presets so you can quickly switch whole groups of settings. I think the UI really captures the look and feel of a real digital cinema camera. And the ability to hide icons and tools while recording is also great. Also, much respect to the developer, Thomas, for providing great support.

AZ Kai - Oct 26, 2022


Sure, there are many great camera apps on the App Store. But Cinema P3 Pro Camera is making most of them look pale. If you are serious about filmmaking on iPhone this app really delivers.

Also, the developer Thomas Blackburn really seems to put a lot of TLC into the app - improving it and adding features with every release. He implements functions his customers desire.

This is the most professional camera app for filmmakers … but beware: you most likely want to upgrade to a newer iPhone Pro too to make use of all the features that are implemented in this app!

Every detail and functions of this app are explained on the developers web site. Highly recommended to stop by to get the most out of this app and the knowledge you get this way will also help you to improve and better understand cinematography, other cameras and production techniques in general. Great work! Quite amazing …

AttiSun - Oct 13, 2022


I have tried many other apps including Filmic Pro. Added presets! 5 star! Hope more people check this app out.

BadBobB - Sep 19, 2022

From iTunes Canada


This app is literally perfect. You get every tool you’d ever want for filming video on iPhone and I’m so happy the pricing is not a subscription. Finally found an app that shoots video in with real log profile unlike moment pro camera. Thanks to the developer for making such an amazing app!

. ... . .. .. . - Oct 22, 2022

From iTunes Sweden

Just getting better and better!

It was a easy choose to buy for the upgrade!

TankaRätt - Nov 14, 2022

From iTunes Ireland

Really impressive

This is a hugely impressive and multi-featured photo and video app, the video mode being what interests me (and will interest many looking perhaps for alternatives to Filmic Pro, now a subscription app).

With an excellently designed interface, full manual as well as auto controls, scopes, presets, stabilisation, the ability to save shots to the app itself or the iPhone camera roll, oh and regular updates and terrific, friendly support (even for dumb questions like I asked) there’s a lot to live here for the price of a cappuccino.

It doesn’t (yet?) have dedicated gimbal support (which doesn’t mean much, to be honest — for specialist gimbal shots you might as well use the gimbal’s own app, which is what that’s for). (In an earlier review I hadn’t realised LOG had also been implemented, which is astounding at this price. In fact in almost way this very inexpensive app is as good or better than some of the biggest names in mobile video recording.

At this price it’s a no-brainer. And promising even better things to come.

poet/tree - Sep 24, 2022

From iTunes France

Performant et prix raisonnable

Pour un prix très raisonnable vous avez une appli qui vous donne accès à de nombreux réglages pour la photo et la vidéo. La possibilité d’avoir un fichier de sortie en LOG est vraiment un gros +. Vraiment très content de l’avoir découverte et surtout quand les concurrents passent à des modes d’abonnements abusifs.

ZiffRed - Sep 1, 2022

From iTunes Greece

Better than Filmic


bluescorpion R - Sep 17, 2022

From iTunes Vietnam

A rare gem

I shoot with anamorphic lens, the distortion correction feature works like a charm, helps me save a ton of time and effort in post production.

bUAIWBABKXX S E S NAH - Aug 13, 2022

From iTunes Spain

Great app- great support

I’ve been testing this app depply for several weeks and I must say everyday I consider it as one of the best. Continuous improvements make ir more reliable. A must have for a filmmaker.

SoulFly - Oct 22, 2022

From iTunes Thailand

Very good

I love this app so much.

Zenevil - Sep 19, 2022