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From iTunes UK

Absolutely brilliant camera app

I have used many apps over the years and also used many D SLRs and this is just absolutely fantastic so many options and so many different ways of storing presents. The metering is also really good so many modes and the fact that the developers are constantly updating the app with new features, happy creators, happy filmmakers. Cheers folks.

Crifdy la - Apr 11, 2023

Superb camera app

This app turns the iPhone into a great shooting tool, and the new 23.976 frame rate support means we can now use this for our US broadcast work, after using Cinema P3 a lot for a European documentary last year. The LUTs work perfectly with DaVinci Resolve and the final footage looks crisp and truly amazing.

DaveDZ - Apr 4, 2023


I’ve never left an app review before. However, I used Cinema P3 with my iPhone XR. I’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone 14 ProMax 1TB. Cinema P3 gives access to another level of video recording. HDR/ DolbyVision, ProRes - video quality that you would expect to cost hundreds or more. Equally, for faster editing 1080p in HEVC is crisp and professional looking. Greet user interface, access to all variables you’d want. The device heats up quickly eg when recording 4K, 60fps raw, though but that’s really due to Apple’s design choices. Note, the app from the previous ‘leader’ in this area kept crashing, freezing and heating the device too much after only 30 seconds recording as above. Combine that with a one off payment for the app. Awesome!

Pauly the hero - Feb 15, 2023

Excellent Camera App

The title of decent video camera apps has been lost by a certain developer - needn’t mention any names because you know which one?! And the new title goes to CinemaP3 and very deservedly so. This app has nearly all the manual control you would need such an app, and in my opinion a better UI than the ‘other’ app I’ve hinted at!

CP3 has additional functionality over the rivals with better egomaniacs that I’ve not seen in other apps. No subscription, a fair price and you get a free, fully operational 1 week trial of the app! This reminds me of the good ‘ol days of the App Store when we didn’t see stupid prices and rip off subscription models, and when the developers had confidence in their apps by allowing users to trial fully functioned versions without submitting their credit card details!

Well done to the developer. I just hope other developers see this as an example of how to win over customers.

RealSting - Dec 22, 2022


I love this app, and so good to see new features and improvements on a regular basis. Only thing missing for me is timelapse, but I’m sure it’s on the cards for a future update.

James-Dunbar - Dec 15, 2022

From iTunes Switzerland


the true alternative to filmic 😀

splinson - May 3, 2023

From iTunes Portugal

Awesome App

Worth every penny, excellent alternative to the competition, or even better. try it and you won't regret it.

Cláudio lg - Mar 20, 2023

From iTunes Finland


Truly a great app that also works for us old school/gear film makers.

JariPol - Mar 15, 2023

From iTunes Czech Republic

Absolutely best app

After discovering this app I don’t need anything other. The app is phenomenal, its price is more then acceptable and it allows me to shot videos and take photos with my iPhone very easily. I can also use an anamorphic lens and correct optical distortion directly in the app. I highly recomend it to everyone and I thank the developer for an excelent job.

Rakim56 - Feb 8, 2023

From iTunes
United States

From a 6+ Year Filmic Pro user

This app is brilliant. Truly. I LOVED filmic pro. I had all the upgrades, used it as my main video app when on the go, I even utilized their photo app frequently (Firstlight)

Now, like many others, Filmic Pros new company business practices have left a sour (more like putrid) taste in my mouth. I can’t and won’t support them. Lo and behold this beautiful, very well priced, and intuitive app.

It’s a bit of a learning curve but as with all creative pro like tools with many options, that’s always the case. ONE THING - I’m sure the developer is working on or knows they should be. Remote control. That’s all this needs but I’m not gonna take a star away for that as this is a truly 5 star app.

PS - Buy the upgrade for this app! It’s well worth the extra functionality. PSS - Thank you dev! (Or devs) for this brilliant app!

frederick_vg - May 3, 2023

My new go-to video app

Buy this app. Now.

Long-time user of Filmic Pro Legacy and now also Filmic Pro. I didn't think anyone could match the features of FP (and I'm paying enough for them!) I tried the usual suspects here on the App Store (BeastCam, Moment, Protake, etc.) and always came away disappointed. Until now.

I have to thank YouTube-er "iPhoneographers" (Blake Calhoun). I was looking for a less-expensive app to replace Filmic Pro and a search turned up his find-an-alternative video. A user in the comment section asked him to review Cinema P3, which he did. I tried CP3 and immediately knew I'd found a real gem. I signed up for the 7-day trial, but I didn't need more than 2 to decide to pay for the upgraded "pro" version of the app.

The free version of the app is very full-featured, but the developer (Tom Blackburn) deserves the very modest price he charges for the pro version as a reward for his creativity, quality and accessibility. Even if you never plan on using the Pro features, please support this guy and buy the app. Tom is incredibly responsive to support and feature requests, which only adds to the genuine value of this app. Others have noted the features they like the best, so rather than re-list them here, I'll leave my review as a journal of my journey to get here.

If you've been searching a while for a professional video recording app that feels right the moment you start using it and that won't make a dent in your budget, welcome home.

JeffBDVS - Feb 4, 2023

Fantastic app, love the UI

We’re using this to take YouTube video and the settings and UI/UX are great. Love the app and pay model. Dev is also quick to respond to concerns and issues, that’s why I’m leaving this review in fact. Thanks for the app man!

Itchaboyagain - Jan 25, 2023

Best manual camera in App Store

Well done my favorite camera app

BridgeCarlos 64 - Jan 4, 2023

The only cinema/photo app you’ll ever need.

I’m not going to create yet another laundry list of amazing features - there are plenty of other reviews here that can deliver that information. Instead I want to praise this app and is developer for providing tremendous value at a budget price. If you want a deep dive into the app, visit Tom’s website. It’s all there - and more. Frankly, I don’t remember the last time I purchased an app that had such robust support. So to wrap this up - if you’re looking for a world class camera app that doesn’t demand a subscription - just buy this app. You can’t go wrong!

Photo Idaho - Dec 31, 2022

The Best

This app is by far THE BEST video app for iPhone! I have the best results since using it over any other app I’ve tried. Get it and see for yourself.

OwensR - Dec 13, 2022

One Of…. No.. ”The Best Camera App for iPhones”

This app is phenomenal !! The App has had features in the Pro version that Filmic Pro just introduced in their latest 7.0 version. The Pro version is a minor one time fee, not subscription like Filmic, over the free version of the app which is already very feature rich. The only minor thing that this app needs is gimbal control, which I hope the developer will add in the future, and it would be a 10 star app!!

Vschrepf - Dec 11, 2022

A-maz-ing!!! Hands down!

After switching from Filmic Pro to CP3, I’ve never been so pleased. Not to mention that the developer actually listens to his customers and adds features regularly. It’s very inexpensive to buy the upgrades. Even cheaper than Filmic Pro before it went subscription. It’s a no brained… get Cinema P3!

DaemonJ - Dec 10, 2022

Best Video App

When a popular video app switched to a subscription model, a reviewer recommended Cinema P3 Pro, which I purchased.

App is free and upgrade to Pro is inexpensive and highly recommended. I don’t know how I missed this app before, but I’m very glad I switched to it as my go-to video app.

It’s amazing, feature-rich, excellent user interface, and packs extra utilities like video scopes. Total control over WB, Exposure, Focus, formats, frame rate, audio, etc. Shoot HDR Dolby or SDR with extended P3, has Creative and two Log formats. You will not be disappointed with this app! Highly recommended!

Wendy Lou - Dec 8, 2022

The Best Video App on iOS

This app ticks all the major boxes for me. Frame Rate, Shutter/ISO and Colour Control, with False Colour to control my exposure. The UI is straightforward and there’s just so many small things that it helps out with, that you can have scoped overlays automatically turn just when adjusting certain settings (eg. False colour on exposure controls) or how it records the zoom angle in your video metadata so when you’re matching to 3D footage it’s much easier.

I’ve used many of its competitors, including Filmic which was my go-to, even with some woeful UI issues, until it screwed up my entire phone. I lost so much time and shots because of Filmic. Yet CinemaP3 just works, you can rely on it.

Also the developer is constantly making this better daily, I’m eager to see where this app goes.

Casperankinen - Nov 13, 2022

The Best Cinema Camera App

This is the one you’re looking for. It has an extensive feature set with the ability to save settings as presets so you can quickly switch whole groups of settings. I think the UI really captures the look and feel of a real digital cinema camera. And the ability to hide icons and tools while recording is also great. Also, much respect to the developer, Thomas, for providing great support.

AZ Kai - Oct 26, 2022


Sure, there are many great camera apps on the App Store. But Cinema P3 Pro Camera is making most of them look pale. If you are serious about filmmaking on iPhone this app really delivers.

Also, the developer Thomas Blackburn really seems to put a lot of TLC into the app - improving it and adding features with every release. He implements functions his customers desire.

This is the most professional camera app for filmmakers … but beware: you most likely want to upgrade to a newer iPhone Pro too to make use of all the features that are implemented in this app!

Every detail and functions of this app are explained on the developers web site. Highly recommended to stop by to get the most out of this app and the knowledge you get this way will also help you to improve and better understand cinematography, other cameras and production techniques in general. Great work! Quite amazing …

AttiSun - Oct 13, 2022


I have tried many other apps including Filmic Pro. Added presets! 5 star! Hope more people check this app out.

BadBobB - Sep 19, 2022

From iTunes Italy

Filmicpro killer

The Best app for shot professional videos.

Francko76 - Mar 20, 2023

Eccellente app per riprese video

L’App è in continua evoluzione con frequentissimi aggiornamenti. Ben fatta l’interfaccia, funzionalità pro, compresa la modalità di ripresa in log, con propri lut esportabili per essere utilizzati in fase di editing. Attualmente manca solo il riconoscimento dei principali gimbal, ma per il resto è già all’altezza e anche meglio di altre app più blasonate. 5 stelle meritate.

[ENGLISH] Excellent video shooting app. The App is constantly evolving with very frequent updates. The interface is well done, pro features, including the log shooting mode, with its own luts that can be exported to be used in the editing phase. Currently, only the recognition of the main gimbals is missing, but otherwise it is already up to par and even better than other more famous apps. 5 stars deserved.

Giuss_ - Feb 7, 2023

From iTunes Australia

The Filmic replacement you’ve been waiting for

By far the best video app on the app store, hands down. It provides every feature you could possibly want, in an intuitive interface that makes finding any setting fast and clear what they do. The price is very reasonable for the quality of the app, probably too reasonable really! If you’re a (semi-)professional, I can’t recommend this enough, it’s a purchase you will not regret (unlike some other similar bail-and-switching apps…)

Axman6 - Apr 2, 2023

Back to filming

My search for an alternative app is over, with Cinema P3 the clear winner. Hopefully dev won’t switch to a subscription model soon…!

beingdiddha - Dec 10, 2022

From iTunes Spain

Muy buena

Controla todos los aspectos de una grabación de video. Permite grabar en ProRe a 4k 24fps aunque tu iPhone sea de 128GB. Muy buena a muy buen precio. No la hagáis nunca de suscripción.

[ENGLISH] Very Good. Checks all aspects of video capture. Allows grabbing in ProRes at 4k 24fps unless you iPhone is 128GB. Muy buena a muy buen precio. No la hagáis nunca de suscripción.

Juan-ele - Feb 6, 2023

La mejor app hasta la vez eh probado.

Si te dedicas a la fotografía, Esta es tu app, Muy completa 🔥

[ENGLISH] The best app so far I've tried.
If you dedicate yourself to photography, This is your app, Very complete 🔥

buenisima - Jan 27, 2023

La mejor sucesora de Filmic Pro, con diferencia

La mejor app para vídeo que existe ahora mismo, por encima incluso de Filmic Pro, que por cierto le ha estado robando ideas a Cinema P3 últimamente. He probado todas las apps (también las de pago) y ninguna es tan buena ni ofrece tantas opciones y buen uso como Cinema P3. Y encima a un precio inigualable. Encantado con esta app, de verdad.

[ENGLISH] By far the best successor to Filmic Pro

The best video app out there right now, even better than Filmic Pro, which by the way has been stealing ideas from Cinema P3 lately. I have tried all the apps (also the paid ones) and none is as good or offers as many options and good use as Cinema P3. And on top of that at an unbeatable price. Delighted with this app, really.

jmpeam - Dec 10, 2022

Great app- great support

I’ve been testing this app depply for several weeks and I must say everyday I consider it as one of the best. Continuous improvements make ir more reliable. A must have for a filmmaker.

SoulFly - Oct 22, 2022

From iTunes Russia

For shooting high quality video with the right settings priorities.

The best application for shooting high quality video with the right settings priorities. Works great with external recorders via Lighning-USB adapter and with external microphones. Now there is an excellent mode of manual settings with a priority Shutter Angle. When shooting through an anamorphic lens, there is not only an automatic desqueeze, but also a manual correction of geometric distortions. In the latest update (1.3.37), Thomas added the ability to set the maximum allowable ISO value. The developer of the application promptly considers suggestions for improvement and regularly releases updates with improved functionality. Thank you very much, Thomas!

Mike-2010 - May 4, 2023

From iTunes Germany

Best filmmaking app

As a professional filmmaker, this is the first app that lets me use my iPhone as an additional tool on set. It’s focused on the important tools without unnecessary gimmicks and it is usable intuitively. Great work.

MacSchlegel - Jan 25, 2023

Easy to use and still feature rich

I am using this app for creating video blogs on an iPhone 11 and it works great. Especially the ability to set the autofocus on face-detection, the red frame while recording, the grid,… , audio-meters. And support helped me within hours to learn how to use a remote shutter.

Martin Lilly - Nov 26, 2022

From iTunes Japan

先ず、7Dトライアルを試しましょう。Try the 7D trial first.

I purchased this App after trying the 7days trial. I actively use anamorphic lens photography with my iPhone. I can really capture environmental images exactly the way I want. Famous iPhoneographers on YouTube have long been showing off Filmic pro. In his latest contents, he compares this app with filmic pro and BeastCam and praises Cinema P3 PRO. I love the 1.33x lens magnification and the manually adjustable distortion manupilation. The Lifetime Certification for the 1,500 yen purchase price is user friendly. The company's technical support was also prompt. I think the App is well worth a trial first.

7日間のトライアルを経て、このアプリを購入しました。 私は、iPhoneで積極的にアナモフィックレンズ撮影を使用しています。 本当に思い通りの環境画像が撮れるんです。 YouTubeの有名なiPhoneographerは、以前からFilmic proを披露しています。 最新のコンテンツでは、このアプリをfilmic proやBeastCamと比較し、Cinema P3 PROを絶賛している。 1.33倍のレンズ倍率と、ディストーションマニュピレーションを手動で調整できるのが気に入っています。 1,500円の購入価格でLifetime認証が受けられるのは使い勝手がいい。同社のテクニカルサポートも迅速でした。 このAppは、まずトライアルする価値があると思います。

Jean-Paul Gorbachev - Jan 17, 2023

From iTunes Belgium

Best alternative for that other subscription based app

This app seems the best program to replace other subscription based apps. It has many great features like HDR, manual settings, log recording and a clean UI. The support for this app is very fast, most of the time in less than 1h! There is also a well written online manual and some tutorials. A clear winner for me!

arachnida - Jan 16, 2023

From iTunes Canada

Simply the best

I have 5 highly reviewed full version camera apps on my phone that I have used fairly extensively. This is the best and the response to question I have is very fast. Their on a roll methinks.

frankonpei - Dec 19, 2022


This app is literally perfect. You get every tool you’d ever want for filming video on iPhone and I’m so happy the pricing is not a subscription. Finally found an app that shoots video in with real log profile unlike moment pro camera. Thanks to the developer for making such an amazing app!

. ... . .. .. . - Oct 22, 2022

From iTunes Hong Kong

Keep evolving!

Thank you very much for your effort! This is the only app which I used daily to shoot my video.

fityau - Dec 10, 2022

From iTunes Czech Republic

This app is better than Filmic Pro in all aspects!

Very surprised!! Amazing camera app for every professional video maker. Endless possibilities. Log profiles, ProRes, zebra stripes, simply everything!! For the price of Pro you get so much! Thank you guys for such as perfect app! 🙏🏽

Radoslav Banga - Dec 3, 2022

From iTunes Netherlands

Best alternative for Filmic pro

Great app. Full of features. I’ve switched to P3 coming from Filmic Pro.

Dacide - Dec 3, 2022

From iTunes Sweden

Just getting better and better!

It was a easy choose to buy for the upgrade!

TankaRätt - Nov 14, 2022

From iTunes Ireland

Really impressive

This is a hugely impressive and multi-featured photo and video app, the video mode being what interests me (and will interest many looking perhaps for alternatives to Filmic Pro, now a subscription app).

With an excellently designed interface, full manual as well as auto controls, scopes, presets, stabilisation, the ability to save shots to the app itself or the iPhone camera roll, oh and regular updates and terrific, friendly support (even for dumb questions like I asked) there’s a lot to live here for the price of a cappuccino.

It doesn’t (yet?) have dedicated gimbal support (which doesn’t mean much, to be honest — for specialist gimbal shots you might as well use the gimbal’s own app, which is what that’s for). (In an earlier review I hadn’t realised LOG had also been implemented, which is astounding at this price. In fact in almost way this very inexpensive app is as good or better than some of the biggest names in mobile video recording.

At this price it’s a no-brainer. And promising even better things to come.

poet/tree - Sep 24, 2022

From iTunes Greece

Better than Filmic


bluescorpion R - Sep 17, 2022

From iTunes France

Performant et prix raisonnable

Pour un prix très raisonnable vous avez une appli qui vous donne accès à de nombreux réglages pour la photo et la vidéo. La possibilité d’avoir un fichier de sortie en LOG est vraiment un gros +. Vraiment très content de l’avoir découverte et surtout quand les concurrents passent à des modes d’abonnements abusifs.

[ENGLISH] For a very reasonable price you have an app that gives you access to many photo and video settings. The possibility of having an output file in LOG is really a big plus. Really very happy to have discovered it and especially when competitors switch to abusive subscription modes.

ZiffRed - Sep 1, 2022

From iTunes Thailand

Very good

I love this app so much.

Zenevil - Sep 19, 2022

From iTunes Vietnam

A rare gem

I shoot with anamorphic lens, the distortion correction feature works like a charm, helps me save a ton of time and effort in post production.

bUAIWBABKXX S E S NAH - Aug 13, 2022