Pro Camera for
iPhone and iPad

Wide Color

Cinema P3 Camera lets you capture and playback dynamic wide color video, with incredible brightness and contrast.

On iPhone 12 devices, the Rec.2020 color space is fully supported for video capture and analysis.

On older devices video can be captured in the P3 Color which offers up to 25% more color than standard (Rec.709) video.

HDR Video

Capture and play High Dynamic Range (HDR) video using using Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG).

On iPhone 12 devices 10-bit HLG video is supported (Dolby Vision Profile 8).

Older devices can capture HDR video using 8-bit HLG with P3 color.

HLG preserves more of the dynamic range seen by the camera compared to the gamma function of Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) video.

Pro Tools

Cinema P3 Camera performs real time image analysis and video processing on device for optimum image quality.

Professional Scopes calibrated in all color spaces for both HDR and SDR video ensure image exposure and white balance can be optimized in all environmental viewing conditions.

Capture ProRes 422 HQ video on iPhone 13 Pro devices.


Better photos.


Capture outstanding photos with RAW and ProRAW image formats for maximum flexibility.

Alternatively use HEIC, JPG image formats, with optional Live Photo.

Save, Edit and View EXIF information.


Use Zebras which indicate when highlight and shadow clipping occurs.

Make precise exposure adjustments and ensure the correct image exposure.


Maximum video capability.

Video Formats

Use all video color spaces, frame rates and resolutions supported by your device including non-standard options. Adjust maximum bit rate.

Capture video with a cinematic 2.39:1 aspect ratio using the 4K Wide video format and support for Anamorphic lenses.


Automatic and manual microphone selection with support for mono and stereo audio recording.

Audio Level Meter to view audio levels with adjustable microphone gain and audio monitoring with headphones.


Superior image quality.

Creative Presets

Cinema P3 Camera includes a Creative Mode with creative presets that automatically adjust highlight and shadow detail, contrast and saturation to optimise the image.

Higher quality recording with improved color accuracy is delivered and eliminates the need for editing in post production.

For SDR workflows, 10-bit BT.709 Grade 1 achieves 3x improvement in BT.709 color accuracy**.

Log Recording

Three Log recording presets capture image data that is more evenly distributed over the dynamic range of the camera with up to 200% more shadow color and detail.

Advanced Tools


Real time image analysis is possible using Mini Scopes and Full Screen Scopes.

Calibrated in BT.709, P3 and BT.2020 color spaces for SDR and HDR sources, they enable accurate exposure, color and white balance adjustment.


Six Mini Scopes display Luminance, RGB Parade, RGB Overlay, Histogram, XY Color Space and Vectorscope information.

Full Screen Luminance, XY Color Space and Vectorscope scopes and Color Analysis.


Anamorphic Desqueeze will ensure your image is displayed with the correct aspect ratio when using an anamorphic lens.

Anamorphic video can also be played with the correct aspect ratio with the build in media player.

Focus Peaking

Ensure accurate focussing with Focus Peaking that highlights the edges of objects that are in focus.

Customize the peaking threshold and color.

P3 Button

With P3 Color, grass is greener, skies are bluer. Capture and record bright vivid colors accurately.

Use the P3 button to see where you have P3 color in your images.

Grey Card Calibration

Use automatic Gray Card Calibration to calibrate white balance using a grey card.

Full Control

Auto or Manual

Choose your level of control.

Automatic or Manual control over all camera settings is possible.

This includes White Balance, ISO, Exposure Bias, Shutter Speed, Shutter Angle, Focus and Zoom.


Center, Spot and Manual Exposure Modes provide flexibility for exposure adjustment.

Use the Exposure Bias Control for semi-automatic adjustments or set ISO and Shutter Speed individually.

White Balance

Let the camera adjust white balance using Continuous Automatic White Balance (AWBc).

Use White Balance Presets, lock white balance (WB lock) or make manual adjustments using using Temperature and Tint sliders.


Continuous Automatic Focus (AFC), Automatic Focus (AF), Focus Lock, Manual Focus and Face Detection are all supported.

A Focus Target, Focus Loupe and Focus Peaking are available to ensure accurate focussing.


Zoom video using a two finger pinch gesture or use a zoom slider for more precise control.

Adjust the zoom speed in settings for smooth zoom transitions.

Disable software zoom for maximum image quality.


Choose which on-screen controls are displayed with customizable interface options.

The Camera Settings HUD allows a quick check of camera settings.

Guides & Grids with multiple configuration options are available to assist framing a scene.

Function Overview

User Interface

HUD Display Resolution, Frame Rate, Color, Focus Mode, White Balance, ISO, Shutter Speed, Battery Level.
Manual Zoom Pinch Gesture/Zoom Slider
Field of view indicator
Show/Hide UI with vertical swipe
Manual Camera Selection
Aspect Ratio Guides & Grids
Anamorphic Desqueeze 1.33×, 1.55×


RGB Parade
RGB Overlay
XY Colorspace

Analysis Modes

Luminance Color
Luminance Scope
XY Colorspace
RGB Parade
RGB Overlay

General Settings

Exposure Modes Center/Spot/Manual
Tone Mapping Local/Global
Lens Distortion Correction* On/Off

Camera Controls

White Balance Auto, Manual, Preset
White Balance Grey Card Calibration
Exposure Modes Center, Spot, Manual
Exposure Target Indicator Spot Mode
Exposure Bias Adjustment
ISO Adjustment
Shutter Speed Adjustment
Shutter Angle Adjustment
Manual Focus Adjustment


Focus Modes Continuous Auto Focus (AFC), Auto Focus (AF), Manual Focus (MF), Face Detection
Video Smooth Auto Focus On/Off
Focus Lock On/Off
Focus Target Indicator Drag/Tap to Focus
Manual Focus Loupe On/Off
Focus Method Phase/Contrast
Focus Peaking On/Off & Focus Peaking Color

Photo Settings

Flash On/Off/Auto
Red Eye Reduction On/Off
Stabilization Speed/Balanced/Quality
Image Format JPG, HIEC, RAW, ProRAW**
Life Photo On/Off
EXIF Data User Customizable

Video Settings*

HDR On/Off
Torch On/Off
Stabilization Modes*: None, Standard Cinematic, and Cinematic 2
Time Code Track 64/32 bit

Video Format*

Video Codec H.264, H.265 8-bit and 10-bit**, ProRes 422 Proxy, ProRes 422 LT, ProRes 422, ProRes 422 HQ***
Resolution 640×480, 960×540, 1024×768, 1280×720, 1440×1080, 1920×1080, 2594×1944, 3264×2448, 3840×2160, 3840×1606
Frame Rate 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60, 72, 75, 90, 96, 100, 120, 240
Bit Rate Automatic, Custom
Color Rec.709, P3, HLG P3, HLG 2020**
Pixel Aspect Ratio


Audio Level Meter On/Off
Stereo/Mono Audio Recording*
Microphone Selection* Automatic or Manual
Audio Format AAC or LPCM
External USB microphone
Microphone Gain Adjustment
Headphone audio monitoring On/Off

Display Settings*

Disable Screen Dimming
Status Indicator
Record / Photo Button Position
Record Red Border
*Not all features are available on all iOS devices.
**Supported on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.
***ProRes is supported on iPhone 13 Pro.
*Feature availability is dependent upon model of iPhone/iPad used.