Viewing Photos

Photos are stored in the device’s Photo Camera Roll and can be viewed using the Photos App.
Cinema P3 Camera has a built in Photo Viewer which offers features not available in the Photos App.

Viewing Photos

Tap the Settings Button to display the Settings Menu.
Select Photos in the Media section to display the Photo Browser.

Photo Browser

The Photo Browser shows thumbnails for the photos stored on the device. Tap a photo to view the full size version.

Photo Viewer

The Photo Viewer displays a photo full screen.

A two finger ‘pinch’ gesture can be used to zoom into the photo and make it larger.

To dismiss the photo viewer, use a single finger ‘drag’ gesture vertically downwards.

Tap the Information button to display information about the photograph. This will display general information such as image dimensions and date. If available, EXIF and TIFF metadata will be displayed.