Money Management for iPad

User friendly

Simple to use

Secure and Private

Manage your money

Interactive Graphs


Powerful Analysis

Spending Insight

Import, Export

Accounts Organized


Manage and organize multiple accounts. See all of your cash, credit cards, deposit and savings accounts in one place.


An account summary view displays current balance, recent & future transactions and a summary of expenditure for the current month.

Secure & Private

Your data is stored on your device, not on somebody else's cloud.

Protect your data with Touch ID or Pin Code.

Transactions Managed


Enter transaction data manually or import from a file.

Enter recurring items faster by duplicating transactions.

Use keyword search to quickly locate transactions.


Assign categories to transactions to create an automatic summary of spending by category.

Assign a category to multiple transactions at once using drag and drop gestures.


The interactive graph lets you visualize your balance.

Pinch to change the horizontal scale. Scroll the timeline horizontally. Tap the graph to scroll to the corresponding transaction.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up data entry using a Bluetooth keyboard to navigate and enter transactions.


Customize account color. Create custom categories.

Spending Analysis


Analysis of income, expenditure and account balance is effortless.

Data is summarized automatically and presented in graphical and tabular formats. Customize the display by changing the date range and column widths.


4 interactive debit, credit and bank balance graphs let you inspect your spending.

View monthly and yearly transaction and category analysis by tapping cells in the table and bars on the graph.

Import, Export

Import CSV and QIF files from your bank or other banking software. An import assistant helps when importing CSV files.

Export account data as a CSV or QIF files to backup or share data.