Analysis Modes

Cinema P3 Camera has a real time image analysis mode that can be used to assist image exposure and color adjustment.
Dependent upon device capabilities, the following analysis may be available:

  • Zebras
  • Color Analysis
  • Luma/Luminance Scope
  • Vectorscope
  • XY Scope

Image Analysis Button

Real time image analysis is activated using the Image Analysis Button.

The Image Analysis Button changes it’s background color to yellow while performing the analysis. A timer is started and automatically deactivates the analysis after 30 seconds. This helps preserve battery life.

Analysis Mode Settings

Performing a long press (tap and hold for 1 second) on the image analysis mode button will display the Analysis Mode Settings menu.
This can be used to select the type of analysis performed when the Image Analysis button is pressed.

The settings for Analysis Mode can also be found in the Tools section of the settings menu.

Analysis Mode is used to set the type of analysis used when the Analysis button is pressed.
There are 4 options available on newer iOS Devices.

  • Color Analysis
  • Luma/Luminance Scope
  • Vectorscope
  • XY Scope

On older iOS devices (such as iPhone 7) 2 options are available:
  • Color Analysis
  • Zebras
The Auto Enable Analysis setting will automatically perform Image Analysis when adjusting the camera’s exposure using the ISO, Shutter Speed or Bias Controls. This avoids the need to tap the Image Analysis button to perform analysis.

Color Analysis

Color Analysis redraws the camera preview as color bands that represent increasing levels of encoded brightness value.

The scale and color vary depending upon the color space being used to record video. In the example below, the color space is HLG 2020. The scale values are in nits:
  • Purple - 0-20 nits brightness
  • Blue - 20-100 nits brightness
  • Green - 100-250 nits brightness
  • Yellow - 250-750 nits brightness
  • White - 750-1000 nits brightness
  • Red - Clipping (> 1000 nits)

Luma / Luminance Scope

The Luma / Luminance scope analyses the luma values of an image’s pixels, plotting increasing values vertically. The horizontal location of pixels in the scope match the horizontal location of the pixels in the image. The color of the pixel is retained making it easier to identify which parts of an image are represented in the scope.


The Vectorscope is used to analyse the chroma values of pixels in the image. It is useful for analysing color saturation and white point calibration.
It can also be used to indicate when clipping might be occurring for highly saturated images.

XY Scope

The XY Colorspace scope draws the image’s pixels on a portion of the CIE 1931 color space chromaticity diagram. The scope contains two or three triangles. The inner triangle represents the bound for colors contained in the sRGB/Rec.709 color space. The second triangle represents the P3 color space. A third triangle is displayed for a Rec.2020 color space, with the outer triangle representing Rec.2020.


A Zebra analysis is used to indicate highlight and shadow clipping. The displayed zebra patterns will not be recorded.
The highlight clipping threshold can be set to 100%, 95% or 90% in settings.

Zebra analysis is available on older iOS devices that have less powerful graphics processors.